5 Online Courses to Upgrade Your Skills (and Life)

5 Online Courses to Upgrade Your Skills (and Life)
Written by Daljit Singh

What and how can you learn new skills during this time of isolation? As many professionals will tell you, having more time to yourself is a great opportunity to update your resume (or life) by taking a useful course (that might even translate into a fulltime career!). Here are some online classes and personality-based learning options I love…and you

The Ingenuity of Interior Design

If you’re a maximalist at heart, you’re going to love adding this course to your roster. There’s nothing else quite like Kelly Wearstler’s 17-part video
masterclass on interior design to get your creative juices flowing. The American decorator has created some of the most talked-about spaces and
celebrity residences, and her bold and experimental decor is a favourite with bonafide design enthusiasts. I have a serious love for great interiors
(come say hello @wabisabiinc), so I went through the entire series in a single sitting. It’s quite nice to watch a master in action and listen to her
tips and tricks on how to bring colour, light, patterns, and texture into your
personal space. However, it’s the class workbook that really has the gold, so
don’t forget to download that before you begin.
Course: Kelly Wearstler Teaches
Interior Design

Learn from Only the Very Best!

MasterClass is an online education platform that offers classes for students of all skill levels. What sets MasterClass apart, though, is the roster of famous faces that take on the role of instructors. From cooking classes with Gordon Ramsey to acting lessons with Natalie Portman, or even tennis lessons with Serena Williams—there’s something for everyone there! Cosmo tip: you’ll find that MasterClass has over 80+ classes and courses on offer, which could be overwhelming for those of us who can’t decide between an acting course by Natalie Portman and a photography lesson by Annie Leibovitz. Luckily, several people have taken ALL the courses, and have uploaded their reviews as blog posts. A quick Google search will give you the feedback you need.

Course: MasterClass Online

The Science of Happiness

This programme has become American, ivy league Yale University’s most viral class ever, after The New York Times wrote about how one in four students on the campus had enrolled in the class just days after registrations opened in January 2018. Judging by the mental health breakdown that has become every millennial’s existential angst over the past few years, the programme was designed to teach students how to lead a happier, more satisfying life. The course has become so popular that it is now available for free on Coursera for the general public. Taught by psychology and cognitive science professor Laurie Santos, the course focuses on positive psychology (characteristics that allow humans to
flourish) and behavioural change (how to live by those lessons in real
life), culminating in a lockdown, this is as good a time as any to turn to science for answers on how to be happy in difficult times.

Course: The Science of Well-Being
by Laurie Santos

Master Your Instagram

If you’re a content creator, business coach, entrepreneur, or just someone who is looking to up their Instagram game, you must check out Vanessa Lau. The young and influential social media expert hosts The Bossgram
Academy course once a year, which is expensive but super-popular. But
while you decide on that, check out tonnes of free resources on her Instagram and YouTube pages to help you up-level your social media game.
Her free #Bossgram blueprint is a great primer to get you started, but I
also recommend binge-watching her YouTube page for lots of free tips,
tricks, and truths on social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship. If
you like to learn, you’ll enjoy her easy, expressive style.
Course: The #Bossgram Blueprint

Expand Your Productivity and Organisation Skills

Amy Landino is a popular speaker, coach, and vlogger, and has been a video marketing consultant for a decade. She also runs a super-popular YouTube channel called AmyTV, where she discusses everything from how to be productive and more organised, to time management tips, motivation hacks, and even how to create videos for your personal brand or business. She is also the author of Good Morning, Good Life: 5 Simple Habits To Master Your Mornings And Upgrade Your Life, and also hosts a podcast. Her YouTube channel is a binge-worthy place to learn all day, every day, and it’s for free.
Course: AmyTV

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