Organise your mail with Gmail’s new tabs

Organise your mail with Gmail’s new tabs
Written by Daljit Singh

Meet the new-look inbox, packed with features to help filter your messages.

The Gmail service is constantly recieving tweaks – and we’ve never been happier with how it works. One of the most useful features revolves around tabs, though strangely this addition isn’t instantly apparent. To access it you have to open the Settings is where the magic happens.

You can add various categories of and all the emails relating to these instantly de-cluttering your primary certain emails and never miss the
important ones. You can also move system is intelligent enough to learn
from its mistakes and perform better for you over time. If you operate

Gmail will notify you when you have new mail in the other tabbed the form of non-intrusive coloured Box’s on the tab.

Adding themes

If you click on the cog icon in the top-right corner and then choose the Themes option, you’ll be able to apply an attractive new theme to your inbox. There are plenty to choose from and they can really add some spice to your interface. You can also adjust further settings by using the links along the top of the window.

The new Gmail

Exploring your new-look Gmail inbox

Your tabs
You can set up tabs by clicking on the Settings icon and then choosing the
‘Configure inbox’ option. Your emails will be divided up into sections, which you access with these tabs.
Message options
Click the checkbox next to any email and new options allow you to move the message, label it, delete it and more.
Contact options
Hover your mouse over a contact’s name and you will see options to send an email, start an Allo chat and more.

Your settings
Click on this icon to bring up options to change the display of your inbox, apply themes and configure your inbox to facilitate the tabs.

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